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Though we do our best not to loose your data, we are still vulnerable to hardware failure, fire, burglary, hacking etc. Znail.com takes no responsibility for any data loss that might occur. Hence you should never use Znail as the only source of any data including znail|disk files, znail|marks etc. Always keep a backup e.g. on your own harddisk.

Znail-accounts with no activity (no logons) for an extended period of time - currently six months - will be deleted without prior notice. However, if you have supplied an e-mail-address in your preferences, the system will send out a message a few weeks prior to deletion as a warning enabling you to logon to your account and avoid deletion of the account.

In order to prevent abuse there is a quota on the amount of data you are allowed to download from your znail|disk per day and per week. If you have exceeded your quota, you should try again later.

Znail is run on a volunteer basis, that is, development, operations and support is done in our spare time. We do accept donations from happy users to cover hardware and bandwidth cost, and we are very greatful to those who have already paid. We are proud of Znail and would like to see it grow, however, we do reserve the right to limit particular services (e.g. the available disk space of znail|disk) due to lack of time or money with only a short notice. In particular we reserve the right to completely close down znail, after having noticed the users in advance, if this becomes necessary.

Znail may not be used for storing illegal content, including content violating copyright laws. All activity is logged. Accounts containing illegal content may be terminated without prior notice.


znail is maintained by Anders, Mikkel and Christian. Read more about the people behind znail.

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