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 What are the points good for ?
In september 2002 we have introduced a point system in znail. It sounds complicated. It's really not.

Here's the deal.

When you create an account you start by having 0 points. Every time you log on to znail you get 1 point.

Now if you want to help us running the service and donate money to znail we also want to be able to give you something extra. For each US dollar you donate you get 125 points. So if you donate 10 dollars you get 1250 points. It all works automatically.

It means that from now on you get more virtual disk space the more points you have. By default you get 5 Mb, but as long as you have more than just 50 points you get 20 Mb. And if you are really generous and have more than 1000 points we give you 50 Mb of space.

And then comes the bad part.

You see .. every month your account is automatically deducted 100 points. This means that you can actually get a negative amount of points. And if you ever go below -200 points (minus two hundred points) we will reduce your disk space to 1 Mb. But don't worry - if you can settle with 1 Mb disk space, znail is still free to use for all of you poor people out there with absolutely no money :-)

That's it really.

znail is maintained by Anders, Mikkel and Christian. Read more about the people behind znail here.

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