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 Frequently asked questions
Q: How much space do I get in my znail disk?
A: All users get 5 Mb when creating an account.

Q: How much space do I get for saving bookmarks online?
A: All users (donaters as well as free riders) has access to store an unlimited amount of online boomarks (or znailmarks as we call them).

Q: Can I get more space for saving files?
A: If you donate just one dollar to help us run the system we increase your file space to 20 Mb. If you donate 10 dollars it is increased to 50 Mb of space. Read more about the point system here.

Q: Can I get even more than 50 Mb space for saving files?
A: Yes, actually you can. You can get up to 200 Mb of space. Read the excact details about points here.

Q: Can I import all my bookmarks or do I have to type them manually?
A: We have a very neat import function. You find it by opening the administration window and then select import in the top right corner.

Q: Can I change my Znail password?
A: Yes you can. In your znail window you click "z'ings" (settings) and in there you select "change password" from the drop down menu in the upper right corner.

Q: Can I use znail on a Mac? What kind of browsers do you support?
A: Znail is 100% browser based and we strive to support all browsers. Since the system design is more or less the same now as it was in 1998 when the service was first launched you should be able to use it from most of the old browsers as well.

Q: What about linux?
A: Znail is not optimized for one operating system or one browser. It should work fine on almost any configuration.

Q: How do I upload a whole folder
A: You can't. You can only upload one single file at a time. If you have a folder with many files and you wish to upload them all we suggest you compress them into one file (using zip or a similar tool) and then upload that file.

Q: Is there a limit to how many times I can download my files ?
A: Yes there is. We have been forced to do that because some users were distributing their znail logon via newsgroups to thousands of people resulting in a bit too much traffic on the servers from very few accounts. The limits are therefore the following: you can download twice the amount of your znaildisk per day and 5 times the amount per week. If you have a 20 Mb znail disk this means that you can download maximum 40 Mb traffic per day and 100 Mb per week. Hopefully this still leaves plenty of room to share an account within a small group of people.

Q: What should I do if I meet the download limit ?
A: You should wait until tomorrow. Then you can download again.

Q: Can I remove the banner ad?
A: Yes you can - it is a normal service that you can switch on and off like the other services. Click on z'ings in order to open the administration window.

Q: Do you delete inactive accounts ?
A: Yes we do. If your account has been inactive for 5 months the system sends you an email warning. If you do not log on within the next month and your account then have been inactive for 6 months it is deleted to free up disk space for new users.

Q: Can I delete my own account if I don't want to wait 6 months ?
A: Yes you can. After logging on to znail you click "z'ings" - and in there you select "delete account" from the drop down menu in the upper right corner.

Q: Do you guys make a lot of money on this ?
A: Ha ha. Ehm, no. Znail is our hobby and to tell you the truth the donations have so far not amounted to the cost of keeping the system alive. But it helps a lot so please keep donating.

Q: So ... (after having read about the point system) ... I put 10 dollars in the tip jar and get 1250 points. Then my disk space will suddenly be 50 Mb. Is that true ?
A: Yes.

Q: And then every month 100 points are deducted from my account. Do you delete the files when I drop below 1000 points then ?
A: No. We would never delete your files. If you have 40 Mb of files and your account goes down to the 20 Mb limit it simply means that you cannot upload any new files before you remove the files yourself.

Q: In other words: With a donation of 10 dollars per year I can maintain a 50 Mb disk space. Isn't that the same as a subscription model?
A: Well - yeah. We just call it donations because as long as it is not in any way a commercial project, donations actually is the best description.

Q: After I have donated I get a charge from The Postcard Gateway in Copenhagen, Denmark on my credit card statement. Who are they?
A: The Postcard Gateway is a small company owned by Anders Blauenfeldt, one of the founders of znail.com. To keep expenses down we share our credit card processing service with The Postcard Gateway, so that is the name you will see on your credit card statement.

The Point system
More information about the point system can be found here.

More questions
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